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  • So in love with their heartfelt soulful music! Paula Fuga @paulafuga.com
  • Thank You Artis brothers for blessing us with your music! I feel like my faith in humanity has been restored. Kapena De Lima
  • Really into this album, What Music Means to Me by @ronartisii and @thunderstormartis It has an innocence and purity to it that I haven’t heard since Amos Lee’s debut album. Please go give it a listen. Mike Love @mikelovemusic
  • “A Stirring Performance” NY Times
  • These two men are extremely talented and while their instruments were few, they flawlessly worked together to create a full sound. I loved watching them vibe off each other and it’s clear to see that their bond is strong. Hannah Smith - Hannah In Hawaii
  • Ron’s guitar licks and Thunderstorm’s harmonica playing I was on the edge of my seat! Hannah Smith - Hannah In Hawaii
  • [Getting Older is] My absolute FAVORITE song by these talented brothers. This makes my afternoon! Anna Kat - Forseeable Futures
  • This duet made up of two brothers are awesome, with a cool calm blues/soul alternative feel complimented by some fantastic lyrics and vocals their talent beams through in bucket loads. Rock Bandom - Internet Magazine/Radio
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